Creative LIght 1 (CL1) and Creative Light Plus (CL1+)

GLP’s Creative Light 1 (CL1) and Creative Light 1 Plus (CL1+) are the first battery-powered and completely wireless creative LED systems. Providing maximum flexibility in an unlimited range of applications.

With 24 individually addressable RGB pixels, the Creative Light 1 system offers countless design possibilities. Whether all pixels are used together, individually (via pixel-mapping) or via the integrated Double Layer FX engine, the visual effects are incredible.

The integrated battery offers enormous power with 10,000 mAh, and the selectable power modes ensure an enduring performance of up to 24 hours. Whether intended for use at a garden party, gala event, theater, cabaret, TV studio or large festival stage, the CL1 delivers. Boasting enormous flexibility, minimal space requirements, space-saving transport, easy storage, minimal configuration and rapid response times.

The Creative Light 1 is available in two versions. The CL1, which offers the same performance as the CL1+, but appeals more to the semi-professional user market with its intuitive control options (manual, IR remote, as well as Android and iOS app).

The CL1+, additionally features an integrated LumenRadio CRMX module, making it ideal for use in a professional setting and wherever the CL1 system is to be integrated into an existing DMX network. The control options of the CL1 version are of course also available in the CL1+ version.

When controlled via the smartphone app, the CL1’s generate a mesh network (GLP iQ.Mesh Network)—without any additional gateway. Within this network, each individual CL1 receives and amplifies the signal, enabling the creation of a network over long distances.

This smartphone app also provides an intuitive user interface and enables particularly fast system setup. Multiple devices can be grouped for live control of intensity, strobe and pulse effects, background and foreground colors, a variety of dynamic patterns and sound-to-light.

GLP Creative Light 1 and Creative Light 1 Plus are available as a single unit in a cardboard box, as a tour set in a 10-piece charging case, and as a set of six in a soft case.



  • 24 x RGB LED’s with individual control
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours


  • GLP iQ.Mesh, via GLP Creative Light App (free to download)
  • IR Remote Control
  • Manual onboard Control
  • Sound to Light


  • Lumenradio CRMX wireless DMX
  • IR Remote Control
  • Manual onboard Control
  • Sound to Light


  • Main layer color control, plus
  • Color patterns macros
  • Strobe and dimming macros
  • Speed, and fade control of each macro


  • USB-C
  • 5-14V DC


  • IP20


  • 10,000 mAh LiPo
  • Three power settings available


  • 2x M6 screw
  • 2x safety cable rigging points
  • Powerful magnet
  • Anti-slip rubber base


  • Clear and diffuse outer covers
  • Infra Red remote control
  • USB-C charging cable


  • Universal Fixing Object (UFO) allows connection to microphone stands and standard camera mounts


  • Cardboard box
  • 10-piece tour set
  • 6-piece soft case


  • Standard color is black
  • For other colors please contact sales department

Height & Diameter

  • 1.26 inches / 32mm & 6.16 inches / 156.5mm
  • 1.26 lbs (570g)